Suicide Bunny Flavors

8687542958_d75f0189ab_bIf you use e-cigarettes, you likely want to smoke something flavorful through your vaporizer. If so, you will definitely enjoy Suicide Bunny E Juice products. This brand producing liquids for e-cigarettes has a great variety of flavors which you can explore online on eJuice Farm. If you’re only switching from real cigarettes to vaping, you may opt to choose e-liquids which contain nicotine. However, they are significantly easier on your health than cigarettes. Furthermore, some people may use these e-juices as a transition to quitting smoking altogether.

First of all, smoking a vaporizer or e-cigarette is very different than traditional smoking. No smoke is actually produced. Instead, the liquids are heated to a high temperature that is below the combustion point. This creates a steam that is then inhaled.

The e-juices that are made by Suicide Bunny are designed to help you to limit the amount of nicotine you will be consuming. If your plan is to quit smoking, the lower nicotine content can eventually help to make you not dependent on nicotine at all. It also has enough nicotine to prevent the negative effects that come from abruptly quitting smoking, for most people.

There are five different Suicide Bunny Flavors. They are The O.B., Sucker Punch, Madrina, Mother’s Milk, and Derailed. Each of these has a unique taste. Some people may find a particular flavor that they like and stick with it. Others may choose to mix up the flavors and smoke different ones at different times.

The taste of O.B. tends to be variable. Amazingly, this creates a vapor with more than one flavor! In fact, you will likely notice one taste on one occasion. Then, on the next occasion, the flavor may seem to be completely different!

5640955385_7c9b29d5ed_oSucker Punch is fruit flavored. However, it is not just any fruit. It is dragon fruit flavored. The flavor may not hit you right away. However, you will notice it after a little while.





CantaloupesMadrina is certainly a very unique e-juice to try. It has a fruity quality to the taste. The particular fruit in this one is melon. The flavor also has a creamy quality to it.





Derailed has a very different taste than the other three I mentioned. The flavors of this one are similar to cookies. When you blow the smoke out, you will notice a mixture of bananas and cinnamon. Something great about this one is that it can actually make you smell good. No longer will your smoking result in an unpleasant smell! Instead, if your smoking this one, you might smell like cookies.

Mother’s Milk is actually the most popular. It has a very cream based taste. In addition to the cream, you can also notice some strawberry. The taste of this vapor is extremely flavorful indeed.